Order Acceptance and Availability

AAGIITS reserves the right to cancel or limit the order quantity on any (1) item, without prior notification. We may revise and discontinue Products at any time without notice to you.

AAGIITS reserves the right to refuse to do business with any individual or business, without prior notification.

AAGIITS is not responsible for typographical errors. If a price or quantity on hand are incorrect we will fix the error on our web site as soon as we update our site again. We Have a catalogue of over million products and our web site gets updated in a batch process that can range from 1 day to up to 60 days before all products are updated.

Due to the fast change in inventory, quantities, as well as market prices AAGIITS does not guarantee that the product will be available at the time that you place your order nor that the price will remain the same for any period of time and, therefore, AAGIITS should not be liable for any losses or inconveniences as a result of such a typographical or stock errors. If there is any change after you have placed your order, we will notify the consumer as soon as possible and a refund in full will be issued for the purchase price as well as the shipping and handling costs.

Changed or Discontinued Product. AAGIITS’ policy is one of ongoing update and revision. We may revise and discontinue a product at any time without notice to you and this may affect information saved in your online “cart.” If the ordered product is not on hand we might ship an equivalent/ substitute/ replacement product in functionality (might be a different part number/ model/ brand or condition than the one displayed or ordered on the web site, on the phone or on the invoice). If you require an exact part number, with no substitutes of any kind, email us to enquire availability.

For consumers that require critical parts, large orders, or time constrain orders please email to verify price as well as availability of the products.

By placing an order on our site or on the phone or email constitutes acceptance of the terms of service offered here.

If you have any questions on order Acceptance, price or availability email Sales@aagiits.com .
*Some limitations apply to special order items, non-stock items and international orders. Shipping and handling, duties, brokerage fees and return cost of the items are not refundable for international orders.